Within the Compass it is believed that every choice you make, be they small or large, occurs at a crossroads of time. Those choices set the witch upon a specific road towards one (or more) specific destinations. If one were to map the path of a traveler, it would be a single line. However, if one were to map the possible paths a traveler could have taken, it would be an ever branching tree.

Further, while a traveler might choose a single path to embark upon, the other paths appear to continue to manifest as though the traveler had chosen all paths simultaneously. So while you exist in this specific world which was (in part) a result of you making very specific choices at trillions of crossroads within your lifetime, other versions of you exist in very different worlds due to different choices you made in those worlds.

Understanding and manifesting this concept is exceptionally beneficial to a witch when working with the worldview and belief structure of the Stardust Compass. For with a deeply seated belief in this worldview, everything shifts.


One foundational witching element which brings this worldview powerfully into focus that of divination. Within the Stardust Compass a diviner is not speaking of a singular possible future, but rather they end up speaking towards numerous possible futures which will likely exist. The possible futures spoken of include several of those that will likely exist if the client does nothing, and even more which will exist if the client makes different choices in the future. A reading, therefore, is much more akin to a witch pointing down each branch of a crossroads and telling the traveler the multiple opportunities that exist if they were to choose that branch, both those nearby (near-future) and those distant (far-future). However, just like the real world, the further away a destination is from a crossroads (far-future), the harder it is to reach that goal while not being diverted by other crossroads.

Additionally, spirits can influence a witch’s ability to look down these branches for various reasons, often obscuring potential futures entirely. An astute witch should look for signs of this activity when performing divination and query the spirits as to the reason for the obfuscation. Frequently a spirit will hide a potential future during a reading in order to refocus the client’s questions upon more relevant and timely topics.


A further element of this belief structure is that magick can move in a nonlinear fashion with respect to the temporal dimension. Therein, this means that if were you to desire an item to be on your doorstep tonight, it could manifest there due to magick you end up performing weeks from now. A witch simply needs to go through with the spellwork in the future and ensure they project their results backwards into the past.

This also means that it is possible to draw one’s present self towards a future goal that one of our potential selves has already arrived at by projecting spellwork back into the past. From the perspective of someone in the past, this might appear as subtle nudges to apply for a new job or talk to a cute person they met. From the perspective of someone in the present, this might be sending back spells to get yourself to apply for a job you now hold and enjoy, or projecting energy backwards along your timeline on the day of your wedding.

Note: it appears that the further across time a witch attempts to manifest results the more energy it requires. This point, however, remains unverified and even spirits disagree on it’s validity.


Also, know that numerous entities (spirits, gods, etc) are not linear. Spirits appear to frequently be very apt at both relaying information from various points in time, but also might even have the ability to move through time directly (manifesting items regardless of temporal constraints). This can also mean that a spirit might expend a larger amount of energy to help a witch manifest a gift today, if they know there is a strong likelihood that the witch will repay the spirit in the future. Of course, some spirits can get burned by this when a witch fails to repay the gift given to them by the spirits.


It has appeared to me before, and continues to feel true, that a large chunk of the reason I am manifesting the Stardust Compass today is due to works which will be conducted in the future. These future-works are reverberating and sending energy backwards along my personal timeline to the present day. Is this true? I guess I can only wait and see.

Image: “The Passage of Time" by Toni Verdú Carbó