Within the Stardust Compass there are 24 Spirits which are associated with Nay'mon Sha (the Gate / the Moon), in either it's Na'chee (Closed / Full Moon) or Ra'la (Open / New Moon) states. These spirits align to the 12 traditional western zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc) but are otherwise not connected to the 12 signs. These spirits can be called upon to access celestial (stellar) energies during their respective times of power via the creation of talismans, scrying, ritual, and more. While not required, the witch may also call upon the overseeing spirit for the 24 Spirits of the Gate, known as Kray'ta.



Guardian of Gates and Passageways, ze who holds the keys, ze who knows the worlds, genderless spirit, guiding spirit for the 24 Spirits of the Gate


Nay'mon Sha

the Gate (the Moon itself)

Nay'mon Sha.png


dark moon, open gate



full moon, closed gate

Closed Gate

Ahek Shem-Neahrah

Young spirit, youthful, Ze of the Light, Shadow Twister, Playful, Dreamer in the Sun, Arrows, Bright, Wind, Summer, Dancer in the Fields


Vet Kem

ze of the viper tongue, of the venom, of the sleeping maw (a mouth that will put one to sleep with venom), very snakelike



the quiet one, ze of closed eyes


Zahtin Neekah

Ze of pain, ze of pleasure, ze of shield & cloak, ze of the windows into worlds, ze of portals, ze of the crypts, ze of the skull and hand bones, ze of penis & vagina, ze of sex, ze of life, ze of desire


Zar'in Shale

ze of lies, ze of the dark truth, ze of the silver hands


See'nah Lah

ze of the golden whisper, of the secrets of sunlight, of the waterfall's mist



The weaver, Ze of the Loom, the Walker of Animals of Land and Sea, Traveler, Ze with a Mission, the Knower of the Way, the Searching One


Nay-oo Ka'chem

ze of the golden wing and silver eye, black footed one


Vay'new Shes'et

ze of the rotting corpse, ze of the split head, of the puss


Ta'choula Eir'katee

ze of the heavyset body, ze of no teeth, ze of the ravens, ze of the gateways which "slide" open and closed at zer whim


Bev'ah Ay'oun

ze of the horses, ze of cloven foot, ze of the wandering meadows


Fay'too Feh

ze of the closed eye, ze of the whistle, ze of the shriek, ze of no words

Open Gate

May-boon Nay-yik

the dark one, ze who sees in shadows, ze who can meld into the darkness, ze of bright eyes, ze of golden hands, sibling to all, keeper of secrets of the deep, ze of still waters, potentially paired with Ahek Shem-Neahrah


Ay'vo E'ah

ze of music, ze of sweet song, ze of pregnant belly, of soft laugh


Na'fray ah-Loo

a sibling, ze of sun and winds, ze of the light air and calming breezes, a twin to Rekal Ver'din, ze will join you in finding your bliss during these conditions


Koo'shoe Airvin

The nightmare sibling, ze of twisted dreams, of the black vision, the constrictor, the binding (with fury and chaos) one, ze of a thousand temples, ze of deep desires and endless love, ze of the twisted face. Rolled R in "Airvin"



ze of crafty & tricky nature, ze of ruby fingers (wearing rings?), ze of the golden hair, ze who tricks you out of coins


Ba'dean Ko

the old grey one, ze of the yellow grain, ze of the sheep's skull, ze of the emerald eye


Nay'vie Atsooth

the parent, ze of the beautiful family, ze of the woods, ze of caves and creeks, ze of hidden groves, ze who watches over the young, teacher of the first things, parent of pure light


Oh'wah Lay'in

the radient royal heir, ze of luminous light


Rekal Ver'din

a sibling of storms, ze of the wind & lightning and terrible rain, a twin to Na'fray ah-Loo, ze can help guide one through these rough conditions


Rarevin Kit

Ze of princes, ze of the starred crown, ze of rule through love, ze of swift changes, ze of deep thought, ze of slumber, ze of the longest night, ze of quick action, ze of honest justice, ze of the right will. Rolled first R in Rarevin


Oo'win Yay

ze of the long black hair, ze of the foresaken dreams, ze of the collections of lost wishes


Koo'shay Tah'way

the daring one, ze of stunts, ze of acrobatics, ze of fleet foot, ze of the cloud hair and raven feathers

Image: "The Milky Way panorama" by European Southern Observatory (CC: BY)