At times, due to radical and inexplicable situations which are occurring in the world around us all (political upset, deep tragedy, extreme loss, etc), people can perceive the world around them as false, typically exclaiming phrases like, "this can’t be real!" Further, propaganda specialists can use the concept of a false reality to sow the seeds of confusion, doubt, and betrayal within an individual - often causing them to drift even further from the truth, rather than towards it.

For the witch the denial of reality can pose a notable danger, as zer forceful perceptions can cause the world to warp in unnatural ways, their energetic body to experience damage or permanently detach from the physical form, magic to become less-and-less effective over time, and the witch to otherwise drift further and further into an unhealthy state of existence due to what they perceive to be an increasingly foreign world.

The Power of Idle Thoughts

Witches, more than most, understand the power that their own thoughts, words, and deeds can have upon both their body and the world around them. Ironically, many practitioners underestimate, if not completely devalue, the power and impact of their own idle thoughts. They will contest that only thoughts conceived with 'intention' will impact the universe, disavowing any power (and, often, responsibility) for the change that is created by their idle mind.

Yet, we know from science that all thoughts have power upon the body and psyche - that our mind does not have an on / off switch. While science doesn't quantify the effect of a spell upon an end goal, it does show us that what we think matters - regardless of how hard we think it. Study after study reveals that negative or aggressive thinking, for instance, can have a notable long term effect upon one's psyche and body.

It can be argued that, as practitioners, it is folly for us to believe that our idle thoughts have no effect upon not only our bodies, but the world around us. In truth, it could be argued that idle thoughts occurring within the honed mind of a witch can have a massive impact due to the refined nature of that selfsame consciousness. Further, the spirits and gods which walk alongside the witch are perpetually listening, whether ze is speaking or not, and often will act on their own accord to bring the witch what ze desires.

Warped Reality

When the witch regularly decrees that the world around them is not real, it can cause reality to become just that. The cosmos, or at least the cosmos as perceived by the witch, can become distorted and warped - bending and changing in ways that feel foreign to the witch, if able to be perceived at all. The initial denial of reality, stacked with the denial of the warped reality, can potentially stack even further - pushing the witch deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Events can become increasingly unnatural, and even familiar spirits and deities can manifest in unexpected ways - if at all.

Alternatively, the witch's warped reality might begin to feel less and less magical. This can cause the witch to experience a "dark night of the soul," with spirits and gods becoming silent due to their own disharmonious nature with the warped reality, and magic itself feeling ineffective (if present at all).


Witches might also subconsciously 'detach' from the reality around them to protect their body / spirit from a world that they feel can't be real. While witches practice this sort of detachment regularly for very beneficial reasons (e.g.: hedge crossing), it is generally believed to be an unhealthy state to endure for prolonged periods of time - especially when done so subconsciously, and without an intended objective. When done to escape, this unbalanced separation can give rise to numerous physical and energetic maladies. The energetic body can treat the physical body (and the reality it exists within) as a foreign agent; manifest illnesses with no perceived source; create new, or inflame, chronic health conditions; cause a lack of potency in one's craft (if the witch can find the energy to turn magic at all); and more. The witch may also find themselves falling victim to trickster spirits who will gladly take advantage of a powerful, but imbalanced practitioner.

Vehement denial can also cause the witch's fetch to depart for prolonged periods of time, remaining at a distance due to the witch's perpetual denial of the reality that contains their body. The fetch might even begin to perceive the host body as a foreign agent, fighting back against either the witch - or the world around zer - in fear and defense.

Acceptance for Change

We can’t change something if we don’t accept that it is real - no matter how surreal it might appear to be. As much as it might pain many practitioners to admit that the reality around them is real - it is often precisely what needs to occur in order for a witch to maintain a healthy existence. A life where the witch is balanced and able to practice zer craft effectively, the spirits & gods maintain their connection to the practitioner and zer life, and zer energetic body is able to stay refreshed, healed, and renewed. 

Naturally, this can be quite difficult - especially when fellow family members, friends, and practitioners are staunchly denying reality alongside us (even if in jest). For a witch to remain steadfast in such a climate can be a daunting task, but one which should be undertaken if the witch wishes to remain in a healthy state.

The witch can begin by simply acknowledging that the world around zer is real. Instead of the typical banter of, "this can't be happening," the witch might instead reply, "this happened, but I disagree with it and it shall not stand." Doing so creates a notable difference energetically: both grounding the witch in the truth of what is occurring, and placing energy behind the witch's feelings regarding what they experienced. While it might be the first-and-last energy they devote to the situation, it remains a healthier alternative when compared to denial of the experience happening since it did, indeed, occur.

Further, the witch is encouraged to cleanse and stabilize their energies regularly (e.g. performing 'Arte of Prime' daily). This will not only ensure that the witch maintains a healthy and balanced energetic state, but will also help zer ground down into, and accept, the world around them. If denial of the world decreases the amount the witch can affect it, grounding into the world tethers the witch to it, and the world to the witch - increasing the push / pull ze can have upon the cosmos. 

Avoiding Negativity

Lastly, the witch is encouraged to refrain from maintaining negative perceptions of the world around them (e.g.: hate, anger, agression, rage, etc) whenever possible. While there is no doubt that the witch might experience these sensations in response to the world around them, continued projection of these energies by a practitioner typically only causes them to toxify zer reality and energetic body. Though change can be brought about using such energies, they often carry a heavy price upon the the witch and zer world. Instead, whenever possible, the witch is encouraged to act from a place of love, acceptance, and compassion when working zer magics to bring about change for zerself and the world around zer.

Image: Dream by Andrey Grushnikov (CC: BY, NC)