Within the Stardust Compass, gifts from the spirits (especially many life-change based ones, such as more confidence, better eloquence, wiser decisions) are considered the Fruit of the Gods.

Poesis aside, it is the perception of the Wandering Coterie that the spirits can grow and harvest all sorts of things for us from the Otherworld. The spiritual landscape overflows with fruits of all shapes and sizes; Confidence, Pride, Love, and Joy grow alongside Pain, Agony, and Sorrow… all being warmed by the timeless luminescence of eternity.

Spirits of the Otherworld often tend these crops, and trade them amongst themselves. Offerings made unto the spirits in a witching rite can be traded for these fruitful gifts from beyond the veil. Alternatively, some witches of the Compass journey forth into the Otherworld directly to walk amongst orchards both forbidden and sacred, and at the tolerance of those land’s guardians, harvest those and return with those fruits themselves.

However, like any mentor to his apprentice, the goal of the spirits is not to constantly feed a witch these fruits. Doing so would place them into a role where they would be more a slave or dealer to us than a friend. A spirit who truly walks with you along your path usually wants to teach us to become self-reliant, and in doing so: to feed ourselves. Think back to the many stories of imprisoned spirits, and how often they would rebel against their masters. Perhaps these tales are warnings, legends telling us not to treat our spirit partners are indentured servants.

Once we have a taste of that fruit (for instance: increased confidence) the world looks different. If a fruit showed us a new world we truly desired to live in, then we rejoice. Alternatively, if this new world is one we recoil from, we quickly learn the lesson to be careful what we wish for. As the spirits have shared, there are times when we ask for a fruit from the Otherworld and receive nothing in kind. Sometimes this is in our best interest, as the spirit already knows we will not like the world we are asking to visit, or are saving us from demanding fruit that we can’t afford.

Sadly, the mistake many people often make, is to believe that the effects of these fruits from the Otherworld will last forever; or that when the effect of a fruit fades we can simply acquire more. Many practitioners never stop to ponder that perhaps they could grow and harvest their own fruit.

When a member of the Wandering Coterie receives a fruit from the Otherworld (whether by their own hand, or by that of a spirit) they are implored to preserve the seeds at it’s core. After reflection upon whether the fruit manifested a world in which the witch desired to live, they should plant those same seeds in a cunning garden of their own design, buried in the fields of desire and necessity deep in the hollowed acre of their heart. If needed, a witch should seek guidance from spirit gardeners who have spent millennia growing and harvesting the selfsame fruits of Ecstasy, Woe, Delight, or more.

Further, once the Witch has grown forth their own hidden plot, they can both feed themselves fruits of Courage, Intelligence, or Creativity, and also offer forth their bounty unto others; aiding their fellow men (regardless of spiritual leaning) in finding Joy, Creativity, Fertility, or more.

If we experience a cold snap (depression, loss, etc) and our land goes fallow for a time, the same spirits who first helped deliver that fruit into our hands years ago will often step in to help. Seeing how we’ve striven to tend our garden and sustain both ourselves and others they will oft deliver forth new fruits to sustain us in our winter, and to plant for the coming springtime. Often, when that spring eventually returns, we are stronger and better for it, and have a garden that has been fertilized by the fallen field in winter to grow that much stronger of a crop.

Within the Stardust Compass, this is how gifts from Spirits that often work. May your bounty be plentiful.

Image: “Pomegranate" by Helene Iracane