The body of corporeal entities are often regarded as not only containing energy, but possessing structure and order within that energy - herein referred to as its energetic body. Knowledge of an entity’s energetic body, including its nuances, can be gained via research into pre-existing systems, directly revealed unto a witch via gnosis, or a combination therein. An entity’s energetic body may be perceived as a simple, ineffable life-force existing within / around the body; or gnosis may reveal a complex system (or set of systems) through which energies flow, gather, drain, regulate, purify, sensate, perceive, and so much more: the energetic “internal organs” of an entity.

Gnosis regarding the energetic body of a corporeal entity will often manifest to the witch as necessary and desired. It will regularly manifest as an extension of the witch’s personal aesthetic, interest, and imminent necessity. Further, what gnosis may appear to be “set in stone” during initial observations can change dramatically over time.

It should also be noted that energetic structures within a body may, or may not, overlap with that organism’s preexisting biological structures (in location, function, or both). In such instances the structures will often directly affect one another, allowing for a witch to intentionally affect the physical body, or gain information about the energetic one, as a result of this intersection.

The Benefits of Perceiving the Energetic Body

While many practitioners will not choose to focus on the energetic systems of corporeal life forms, it is recommended that the witch allow zerself time with the materia as gnosis and interest dictates. The study and pursuit of knowledge and wisdom are some of life’s greatest adventures - and adventures should be undertaken regularly.

It should also be noted that the level of detail, and the system(s) utilized, are entirely left in the domain of the witch. While what follows is, itself, a system for interacting with the witch’s energetic body - it is just one map. There is no one-true system or methodology for energy within a life form, just different ways of describing and interacting with it. 

Beyond the standard benefits which naturally arise from a witch’s study and applied praxis within a magical / energetic area of focus, gaining a proficient understanding of the energetic body can provide zer with increased precision, power, confidence, efficacy, and more when performing work on the physical or energetic body (be it theirs or someone else's).

Energy Centers

At various points within the body energies will often condense, rarify, and specialize to one or more perceived functions. These centers are often one of the first things a practitioner is able to sensate within their body, or that of another entity, due to the intensity of energies present.

What follows is a list of some potential energy centers within the human body. Like all shared gnosis in witchcraft, do not allow yourself to be limited by this list, nor look upon it as dogma. 

The Hands & Feet

While all parts of a corporeal lifeform can readily manifest as a threshold to the cosmos beyond, the parts which aid in ambulation and manipulation of items in the world (e.g.: feet and hands) appear to be of notable influence. These parts of the body are often seen as substantial loci for the ingress & egress of energies, both via autonomic response and intentional focus.

The hands are well known for their exemplary ability to sense, project, and receive energies - typically with more acute precision than most other energy centers within the body. They can also act gateway to extend the witch’s force outwards from zer body, enabling one’s energy to deeply integrate with handheld items (wand, charms, etc) or other entities.

Many witches utilize the feet to absorb or release energies to the lands beneath. These energy centers can also be focus points for the witch engaged in travel-based artes (including fetch flight), as well as workings which involve seeking, approaching, and crossing thresholds.

Due to their purpose within the energetic body, the hands & feet are often the first to intercept toxic energies emanating from the land or items touched. As such, ze should cleanse these energy centers often. Thankfully, due to their very nature, releasing unhealthy energies from them is easy - enabling the restoration of balance without too much fuss.

The Genitals

A Few Words on Biology, Gender, and Energy

Genitals, belonging both to humans and other species, have been a notable focus for practitioners of witchcraft and magic for ages. This is due, in no small part, to the part that these organs play in both the creation of offspring, and (notably for humans) the social & oft euphoric act of sexual intercourse.

There are some who believe that one’s biology (notably the structure of their genitals) creates a hard limit upon the energies that a witch can interface with - even going so far as to restrain zer from the ability to be possessed by deities / spirits who are classically perceived to be of an “opposing” gender. Additionally, others feel that the energies of “human cis male” and “human cis female” are exclusively intended for one another - banning all other pairings from not only providing value, but even occurring at all.

Naturally, these beliefs are not only antiquated in their reasoning (e.g.: believing that some energies are bound to physical matter, while others are not), but also scientifically inaccurate (i.e.: ignoring the reality of the gender spectrum by forcing polarity where it doesn’t exist). While energies such as fire and water, giving and receiving, aggressive and passive are believed to exist - it is left to the practitioner to determine if there is truly even a notable energetic distinction between “male” and “female” energies, or if these are just social constructs. 

In truth, while the witch may allow zer biology to impact zer practice, that influence is a choice - not a requirement. The biology of one’s physical form, in no way, limits or hinders what can or cannot be accomplished with one’s energetic form. We are but spirits taking up residence within physical matter, the energies of our fetch body are entirely under our conscious control.

The witch is actually encouraged to practice shifting and manipulate their energetic body at a whim, including the manifestation of energies which may / may not correspond to zer biology - in all of it’s beautiful facets and intricacies. 

The Energy Center

This energy center can be located throughout the entire genital region, from the space immediately under the belly button to within the sex organs themselves, with many feeling that it corresponds to primal, raw force. Whether utilized in an independent setting, or with another human, this energy center can be harnessed for it’s immense generative power in works of creation or empowerment with regards to a wide range of witchcraft.

A witch can focus upon a magical intention while inflaming this energy center (and potentially stimulating their genitals in the process) in order to infuse their magic with raw potentia. Do note that while this energy center may be able to dispense intense amounts of force, it is also often unfocused in the release of that energy unless harnessed by the witch. Ze should not only ensure that the magic being performed is ready for the influx of energy, but also maintain both a mental and (if possible) physical focus upon the subject of their magic as much as possible when interfacing with this energy center. 

Lastly, while many humans, throughout history, have placed immense focus upon the genitals (both as physical structures and energy centers) others don’t feel an attachment to them in any regard; giving them little-to-no space in their personal praxis or daily activities. As in all things, the witch is encouraged to utilize gnosis to determine what works best for them - but never feel required to interface with, or utilize this energy center, or physical organ, in your witchcraft.

The Heart

Within the Stardust Compass, energy is known to gather, focus, vivify, and radiate from the heart - an energetic center located (for most) in the chest. The size of this energy center, for many, is somewhere around the size of a baseball to a grapefruit, with the ‘bottom’ typically being aligned to the xiphoid process, and the core sitting in the center of the chest - midway between the ribcage and the spine. Energy flows into the heart from the surrounding body, and flows out the front of the chest where it cascades back onto the body, infuses the aura, and echoes outwards into the surrounding space.

The heart is an excellent energy center to use when one wishes to imbue a space with an energetic focus (most notably those of an emotional nature); harness / infuse / direct energies out of / into the body; focus the mind when speaking in tongues; connect with others (be they corporeal or not); and more. Further, like any feature of the energetic body, the heart is truly limitless - any part of it can change via the will of the witch (oft guided by gnosis).

The heart will often become notably vibrant when one inflames their witchblood, especially if via ecstatic breathing - one’s personally bellows (lungs) fanning the flames of their cunning fire. This energy center holds deep significance and sacred purpose, for energies pouring forth from the witch at this point on the body are commingled with one’s true intentions, their deep truths, their love, and more.

The Third Eye

The energy center located within the forehead is oft tied to divination, prophecy, the perception of energies, spirit communication, and more. Focus upon this energy center can aid our perception and foresight - both in volume and resolution.

The third eye also plays a notable role in glossolalia: both focusing our intention when speaking, and acting as a lens to help us better intellectually comprehend what is being shared when listening. While the Heart helps us to feel, the Third Eye helps us to know. Through a combination of both we can better understand the world around us in ways that we could never arrive at if we utilized these energy centers independently. 

The Crown

The apex of the head is regularly tied to one’s divine nature, including congress with the gods themselves. It is also seen as connecting with the stellar forces which, within the Stardust Compass, therein ties it to artes connected to work involving the future. 

Like the hands & feet, many pathways of energy also converge at the apex of the head, causing it to be a powerful location to diagnose and treat energetic imbalances within the body. However, the Crown is often regarded as much different than the hands & feet, and should be manipulated with caution and respect. 

Due to it’s location on the body, the Crown can also act as a counterpoint to the Feet - aiding the witch in performing workings of Stellar (Crown) and Ancestral (Feet) balancing. The Crown can collect stellar energies while the feet absorb those of an ancestral nature, commingling within the witch and allowing zer to move forward in balance. 

Additional Energy Centers

There are multiple other areas of the body which have been known to manifest energy centers to practitioners, including the throat, mouth, knees, anus, ears, neck, belly, eyes, internal organs, or more. To some witches, the entire body is just one continual shifting spectrum of manifesting energy centers within energy centers.

The Paths Between

For many, the energy centers of the body are connected via one or more systems which transmit energy and information between them. These systems of paths not only allow the energy centers of the body to interact, but also regulate and maintain each other. These filaments or channels will often terminate at various threshold points along the body including the hands, feet, elbows, knees, crown, genitals, nose, mouth, and more.

Intentionally pushing energy through these channels (often by following them with the hands or fingers) can not only cleanse the filament of any toxic energies clogging the path, but also strengthen and widen the channel - allowing for more energy to flow through it over time and helping the witch to thrive.

These pathways can also be used to interact with the energy centers from a distance, in the event one needs to be discrete.

Thresholds of the Body

Energy centers, and even the paths between, are often points where spirits & gods will interact with a witch, including (with the witch’s permission) acting as doorways for an entity to enter into the witch in acts of possession. Witches have been known to feel entities coming into the body based on their correspondence (e.g.: ancestors entering from the feet), via energetic pathways (such as those which terminate in the knees or head), or sometimes from “everywhere” only to later concentrate their essence within one or more energy centers.

Knowledge of this allows the witch to not only intentionally close these “doorways” if they notice an unwelcome spirit attempting to interface with them, but also to open them wide for those entities that they wish to commune with on a deeper level. As with all entity interactions, the witch shouldn’t open zerself up to an entity ze hasn’t yet built appropriate trust and rapport with.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Don’t Rush Into It

Doing a witch’s praxis, ze might notice that an energy center or pathway (be it theirs or that of another entity) appears to be operating differently than they predicted, or are feeling is “correct” based on their gnosis. The witch might perceive that an energy center or pathway is ‘wide open’ - either sending or receiving energy at a much higher rate than usual; ‘closed’ and not allowing hardly any energy to flow into, out of, or through it; filled with foreign or toxic force that seems to be altering the way that area would naturally function; or perhaps even moving / spinning / oscillating in a way that feels unhealthy or unnatural.

When witch encounters situations such as these, ze is encouraged to not act with haste, immediately asserting themselves against one or more perceived ‘problems’ with the energetic body. Before taking an action, step back and assess the situation with greater detail - balancing preconceptions with new information & gnosis.

An open energy center could be the natural state for that being, or just a  temporary flowering open due to recent events; a closed state could exist in order to allow the body to heal after an injury, exhausting set of recent events, or simply because the entity is reserved when it comes to sharing those energies with the world around them; toxic forces sitting within an energy center could be symptoms of a greater problem elsewhere that needs addressing; and movements within the energetic body that appear unhealthy / unnatural could simply be due to our perspective rather than an actual imbalance.

The witch is encouraged to examine the situation to the best of their ability before treatment - opening a dialog with the owner of the energetic body being diagnosed, and allowing for one’s active gnosis to relay timely information regarding the current state of the energetic body, is generally preferred over an unflinching dogma regarding the energetic body. Granted, the present state might be a perfect and accurate reflection of the past... but it can also be aeons away from the greater truth the universe is attempting to share with the witch.

Divination is also recommended during works of energy manipulation, with some witches even using the movement of instruments like a pendulum to diagnosis prior to treatment. Naturally, a tool is only ever as good as it’s practitioner, so the witch is encouraged to be mildly competent in their choice of divinatory tool(s) prior to their use in energic diagnosis.

It should also be noted that treatment is not always immediately necessary. The energetic body is fairly good at self-regulation, and often times simply being aware of an imbalance is enough to gently bring the body back into balance over the course of a few days of intentional focus.

All of these thoughts regarding patience should not encourage a witch to live in a state of perpetual hesitation - especially if that hesitation is founded in fear. In most scenarios “there is no time like the present,” and so long as we hold love in our heart as we do the work the results will usually be a net-positive for the energetic body and it’s owner. This stands true regardless of the system used, its level of complexity, or the knowledge of the practitioner. Take a deep breath, relax, perform divination if you’re unsure, then - if you feel ready - move forward with love.

From this place of love, the witch is strongly encouraged to deeply invest and give the work zer all. The energetic body of all things - from our lovers, siblings, parents, orchids, pets, home, and ritual tools - is precious. The witch shouldn’t be afraid of wanting to help cleanse, heal, mend, and vivify them. If ze approaches the work with respect, focus, patience, and a healthy amount of confidence (post-ignorance, pre-arrogance) - ze will be amazing.


If treatment is desired, act with slow and deliberate intention. Enter into the work with a cleansed energetic body (recommendation: the Arte of Prime), calm yet vivified spirit (recommendation: Arte of the First Flame), and a focused mind. When cleansing and vivifying the energetic body (be it their own, or that of another), the witch is encouraged to utilize pure, golden, warm, solar light in most scenarios.

Solar force is suggested for its benevolent effect, in nearly all circumstances, upon the human condition. It not only overflows the energetic and physical body with energies that stimulate vitality; it also can deeply, yet gently: break up, dissolve, transmute, and / or push toxic forces out of the body entirely. All of it being done with a steady, easy to maintain force that is in bountiful supply.

When cleansing toxic forces the witch should be mindful of their whereabouts, as many will change locations and attempt to “hide” elsewhere in the body to prolong their residence. Toxic energies can also be removed directly (rather than cleansed and transmuted with solar force), but the witch should do so with caution - lest ze transfer the malady onto zerself. 

Allow the energetic process to work naturally - aka: don’t force anything. Pushing too hard against resistant energies can cause damage to both witch and host. The witch should take zer time, working alongside the energetic body of the host, in order to accomplish the work. Each host and scenario will be unique, and many witch will regularly come across energetic bodies where the host is presently uncomfortable with a witch working in some areas. There are numerous reasons for this, but the witch should respect any boundaries the energetic body is naturally establishing when engaging in the praxis.

Note: Occasionally a wounded or toxic part of the energetic body will resist diagnosis or treatment in order to prevent its own transmutation or extraction. The difference between this scenario, and straightforward energetic consent, should be a chief concern for the discerning witch.

Occasionally the energetic body might have an excess of energy within it and feel too “open.” A simple and reliable treatment during these scenarios is to aid the host in grounding the excess abundant energies, at which point the energetic body will usually naturally return to a more balanced state. In the event that grounding alone is not providing a solution the witch should begin to investigate the source of the issue. Directly applying a cap or other “closure” to an energetic abundance can cause energetic damage (including internal stagnation) in the region. The root of the abundance should usually be the primary focus, rather than the energies pouring forth.

The Work

As noted before, the most important aspect of this process is engaging in the work from a place of love and dedication. It doesn’t matter whether the witch is adept in fifteen energetic systems, perceives only aura colors, or can “feel” when things aren’t right - all is valid and can create useful change for the witch and others. Further, remember that it takes time to become skilled in any praxis. The witch should be patient and compassionate with zerself as ze progresses forward along this path - one which can produce a beautiful, varied, and bountiful harvest.

Image: “Mister Magic” by Shan Sheehan (CC: BY, ND)