A witch can physically cradle an energy center to better comprehend, focus, and encourage it and its emanations. The Heart - notable centerpiece for many witches thanks, in part, for its connection to our deep truths - is a perfect candidate for engaging in this practice.

Place one hand, palm up, against the chest. This hand supports, encourages, nurtures, purifies, and protects the energies of the Heart as they pass over it on their way out of the body. A watchful eye & stalwart guardian of the energetic threshold before this energy center.

Place the other hand, be it sinistral or dextral, vertically - palm facing to the side. While this hand can encourage the natural forward momentum of the energies emanating from Heart, it can also direct those energies to move perpendicular to the direction the witch is facing. From here, energies can be made to circulate through the space, be it in a sinistral or dextral ring, before returning to the selfsame hand which sent them on their initial journey. This ring can be massive, or stay contained within the hands themselves, as gnosis dictates. It can also be an arte turned by multiple witches in a group - aiding in connection and acts of witchcraft.

It is important to note that it is suggested for energies to return to the hands which stand before the witch’s Heart, not the Heart’s energy center itself. By returning to the hands the energies to be examined, purified, consumed, or sent around again - all with deliberate intention. 

The ring of energy which will be created, fueled by the natural emanations from the witch’s Heart, can create powerful shifts in both the space and practitioner(s) involved. The energies which return to the witch after their journey through the space will often have changed, sometimes dramatically, usually containing an imprint - if not the energies thereof - from the space, spirits, and gods that it moved around or through.

First and foremost, this art can be used to commune with a space, spirit, god, or other practitioner(s). By sharing the energies coming from the witch’s Heart, and perceiving the energies which return, a deeper understanding can develop between all parties involved. The Third Eye is another notably powerful energy center to engage in with this praxis, as well as the Crown. Include either / both as dictated by gnosis: whether it be simple observations and cosmic opening (respectively), engaging in the selfsame energy circulation as the Heart, or something stranger.

When performed as a celebratory offering - one where the witch sends out zer love to the space and entities within it - energies can return even more powerfully than they were projected. Benevolent forces can cascade back unto the witch, and if ze chooses to continue to circulate those energies back out again the effect can continue to bloom. In these situations, the witch is encouraged to examine and partake of the love returned. The witch should allow energies flowing over the threshold hand to be examined and brought into their energetic body as they feel so called.

At times, fears of inadequacy may arise from within, blocking the witch from enjoying this bounty with any number of excuses. Know that energies shared with the witch (from trusted entities) are typically gifts that should be enjoyed, shared, and cherished.

There are time that turning this arte can return energies which are dark, heavy, or otherwise feel toxic to the human condition. In these situations the witch can either disengage, or utilize the threshold hand to purify the energies as they return to the hands before sending them around again. This cycle of purification can help transmute a space, as well as any practitioners engaging in the process.

Engaging with Others

The witch can also use this arte to intentionally engage with other entities - human, animal, spirit, god, witch, friend, or stranger. Doing so can be done to not only commune but also intentionally transmit or transmute energies, seek gnosis with or regarding another, heal and purify the energetic body of one or more parties, engage in deeper ecstatic arts such as glossolalia, and much more. 

In performing work of this nature the concept of “consent” will arise. Of notable importance, it can be a tricky subject within the confines of witchcraft and energy work - for energies flow out of, around, and back into all of us, from all sources, at all times. Strangers influence our energies just as much as intentional practitioners we love and cherish. A witch must therein uncover what actions ze is comfortable, and not comfortable, performing when it comes to energetically influencing another. Even so, often times that self-created moral compass can shift on a situational basis - which doesn’t make the witch a bad person, just human.

That being said, it is suggested that a witch generally act without ego, and come from a place of love, whenever possible.

Alternate Formulai

the concept of the energies moving in a ring is, naturally, only one approach to this style of working. At its core this is simply an arte wherein the emanated force coming off of an energetic center is folded back to the selfsame threshold, causing the energies to cycle with intention. For some witches this might mean the energies move in a vertical, rather than horizontal ring. Others may prefer a sphere, several rings, or even a cloud or full permutation of the space. Different manifestations of the work may also serve different purposes for the witch in zer praxis. Therein, the witch shouldn’t let the aforementioned visualizations keep zer from following zer gnosis.

Combining with Arte of A’kah, Za’kah! Jez Ka’bar!

It may be said that a witch utilizing the Arte of the Revolution is already manifesting A’kah, be it in part or in full. The witch could use A’kah to simply concretize the space as manifest with the energies present, or A’kah can be used to push the circulating energies outwards to any bounds the witch feels appropriate for a working.

Next, the witch can collapse both hands, with overlapped palms placed upon the chest, while performing Za’kah. The energies which were once manifesting outward would now fold upon the energy center itself, collapsing back into the witch as ze falls through zerself and out of zer body - taking as much of this energy with the as they descend into and escape their physical form.

When the witch then moves into Jez Ka’bar ze will then become a conduit manifest - both for their own witchblood, inflamed current, and whatever other energies were formally part of the Arte of the Revolution.

To Offer Thanks

A witch who wishes to give their thanks in the form of an energetic offering can first place their hands before their body, cupping them to hold within the bounty they are wishing to release in gratitude.

Closing zer hands around this offering, and feeling it hum within, the witch should move ser hands to the third eye - truly seeing and perceiving the energies within, and listening for their gnosis. The Third Eye should then radiate its energy into the hands as well, allowing more gratitude to pour forth from this energy center.

Moving the hands to the witch’s Heart, ze should feel the energies within and allow any gnosis to be shared with zer. Feeling zer love and gratitude for these energies rising up within zer, the witch should allow them to spill forth from the Heart and into the energies within the hands. 

Lastly, take the closed hands before the mouth, open them, and blow outwards across them - allowing the energies to disperse outwards into the space, the spirits and gods present, and beyond.

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