The spirits and gods that a which can call upon are as vast as the deep wilderness of the Otherworld. Often a witch will cast zer compass in a space sympathetic to the spirits upon which ze calls; utilizing the natural presence of energies and spirits to summon an entity. Alternatively, a witch may sometimes find themselves needing to beckon to spirits whose foci lie contrary to the natural order, such as a spirit of the rain during a drought. Regardless of the circumstances, the more intentional focus one places into the arte of entity evocation, the greater the likelihood of sustained and beneficial contact. 

The following is but one formula for reaching out to a spirit and asking for their aid. This can be combined with additional artes (such as the Arte of the First Flame) and / or used within a larger working.


This arte is intended to be performed to contact entities to whom you already have an established relationship. If you are unfamiliar with the entity you are evoking, it is recommended that you first call upon those spirits and gods which will guard and protect you during Fetch Flight, and who can also verify the authenticity of the entity you are attempting to contact.

The use of this arte to evoke entities which are anathemic to the witch can be dangerous, and it is advised that a witch proceed with caution in such a scenario.



The wand. 

A witch may find benefit in utilizing their stang for this arte, as directed by their gnosis. For some it will sit directly within the threshold. For others it may sit alongside, nearby, or not be present at all.


Liminal spaces such as those in doorways / archways, between two trees, at crossroads, and other thresholds can be a great location to perform this arte. Ideally one which corrisponds to the entity being evoked.


  • Arte of Prime
  • Arte of the First Flame

Arte of the Forged Threshold

Determine which hand you will be holding your wand in when evoking the entity. For now, place your wand in the opposite hand.

Stand or sit and face the direction which corresponds best with regards to the entity you wish to contact. Ideally ensure that nothing is directly between you and the space where you will evoke the entity.


Perform the gesture of the Witch’s Heart. The hand holding the wand should rest horizontal against the body, the other (empty hand) held vertically.

Breathe in, inflaming the connection that links you and the entity that you wish to contact - both in your mind and in your heart. Vivify this connection, even if it’s simply an understanding of the entity’s existence.

Hold your breath, and take up the wand in your casting hand. With the breath held, feel Adraxen rise up within (or around) you, merging with the wand itself (becoming the ‘Shard of Adraxen’). Additionally you can continue to cup the Witch’s Heart from beneath, if it feels comfortable to do so.

Breathe out, using the wand and spoken tongue to create a threshold space which connects you to the entity with which you wish to contact. If your compass has a physical portal, perhaps you would trace it with the wand’s directed force. Else perhaps you will project a circular window hovering in mid-air, a hedge, a gate, a bridge, or any other liminal space as so called.

Note: As the wand is also now a spirit reliquary for Adraxen, one might note a variance in the energy manifesting from the wand compared to standard use. Adraxen’s flame, merged with the force of the witch, acts as both guardian and key within this arte. This combination ensures that the only entities allowed across the threshold are those in concordance with both the witch and the dragon, both emissaries of the current. Adraxen’s flame also aides in identifying the threshold to the gods and spirits of the current, acting as a beacon in the Otherworld for those who given the way to seek the door.

Hold your breath, turn and hold the wand horizontally before you (ideally over the threshold just manifested). Sensate and vivify the energies you just cast forth while the wand rests against that threshold.

Breathe in, and while pulling the wand towards you, feel the threshold “open.” Some might sense the opening of a door, while others might feel an Otherworldly wind blowing across their skin from a strange land. 

Hold your breath, focusing and concentrating your Ta’fin while also (if able) focusing on the land beyond the newly formed threshold.

Breathe out forcefully, leaving your body (potentially via the wand), crossing the threshold you cast, and entering the Otherworld. You may simply arrive at the Otherworld version of the present landscape, or it could be a strange and foreign world. Ideally you will find yourself before the spirit you wanted to contact (or a short distance from them).

Hold your lungs empty and remain in Fetch Flight. Share the intention behind your visit (e.g.: your request for aid) with the entity(s) present.

Note: while this arte speaks of engaging in round trip Otherworldly journey during the span of a single breath, note that such expedience is neither expected nor required.

Breathe in forcefully, pulling yourself back across the threshold and into your body (potentially via the wand). Ensure you have fully returned from the Otherworld.

Hold your breath, flatten your wandless hand against your Witch’s Heart to turn your energies inward. Examine the energies within you. How have they changed as a result of your trip? Condense and vivify your energetic body, acknowledging any positive changes which have occurred, or unwanted energies which were released. Sensate the gratitude within you for this change, acknowledging the entity you are evoking for their part in it. Cup your wandless hand beneath your Witch’s Heart and place the wand within it, horizontal against the body. Place the hand which was formerly holding the wand in a vertical position against the side of the Witch’s Heart.

From this place, gratitude glowing within you, breathe out and send that energy to the spirit and into the Otherworld beyond.

Gently hold your lungs empty, listening for any gnosis which may come.

Relax and return to breathing normally.

Note: It is recommended that a witch turn the Arte of Prime if they notice any unwanted forces which may have returned with you, been stirred by your visit, etc. Separate these energies, preparing to banish them momentarily.

Additional Thoughts

Otherworld Travel is Hard, Okay?

Otherworldly travel is not easy, and a desire to seek out an entity (even one you have a prior relationship with) doesn’t mean you will always be successful. A traveler could arrive in an inhospitable wilderness, alongside unpleasant individuals of every variety, or in even worse trouble. It is perfectly acceptable to immediately retreat across the threshold and banish it if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Ensure that you use divination upon returning from an unpleasant journey to gain further insight on the situation.

Additionally, building rapore with an entity takes time and energy. As a result, initial evocations might not manifest notable results. This is normal.

What Did You Bring Back With You?

As is to be expected, any number of things can occur as a result of interaction with the Otherworld. The witch may allow an entity to possess zer, returning to the compass by way of the witch’s form. It might possess only a part of the witch upon returning to the compass (such as the hand, enabling automatic writing). The entity may follow the witch back across the threshold, being guided to the working space by the witch zerself. Entities may also infuse the witch with any number of energies before ze returns across the hedge, lending their assistance without attending.

For all these reasons and more, it behooves the witch to be vigilant regarding the energies and interactions brought about from one’s journey.

Image: what lies beyond - the uncropped version by *Psyche Delia* (CC: BY, NC)