Readers of materia which is birthed from the Stardust Compass may have noticed the words of power A’kah, Za’kah! Jez Ka’bar! For those who are unfamiliar with it, this phrase is regularly utilized to conclude various declarative intentions (statements one makes which generally request or command something of the universe), such as:

I call to healing,
To truth,
To justice,
To love.

May it find those who need it most.

A’kah, Za’kah! Jez Ka’bar!

As the result of this usage, some have deduced that it’s intention must be akin to words of power like “Amen” or “So Mote It Be;” a phrase intended to both finalize and empower the declarative intention that was expressed prior it.

While this deduction is not untrue in it’s simplicity, A’kah, Za’kah! Jez Ka’bar! is truly a set of three distinct artes folded within itself. Each which should be turned¹ whenever a witch utilizes these words of power in magic. Let us begin with the present understanding of each word, from the esoteric tongue of Shen Tay’ll.

¹ To “turn an arte” is to manifest / actualize it as a magical working. Example: to turn the Arte of Prime the witch would performing the breathing, mental, and energetic exercises as best as they were able, with the objective of cleansing the energetic body of unhealthy, toxic, and foregin energies.

The Arte of A'kah

The outward force or emanation; the blasting radius of a magickal act; the circle bounding the whole of the witch’s universe; the bloody acre; the sacred plot.

The Arte of A’kah contains both a concept and magical artifact that many witches hold dear - the outward emanation of a force (be it energies of blessing, banishing, healing, etc), and the infamous working space of the witch zerself (often referred to using terms such as compass, bloody acre, sacred plot, circle, etc).

A notable importance, however, is the combination of both of these energies within a single word. Due to this combination, whenever one is turning the arte of A’kah, energy emanates through all aspects of the word. Therein, when using A’kah to describe the area of a spell’s effect (whether it’s your office building or the whole world), the witch is also speaking to their working space.

Of note is that the witch’s working space is both the local 4D reality that they presently inhabit, and the whole of the branching multiverse which they inhabit - past, present, and infinite possible futures. When a witch turns the arte of A’kah, they are truly connecting with all that was, is, and could be - even if they might only mean their compass round - for a witch’s magic is not limited by time nor space.

The Arte of Za’kah

The inward force of descent; the moving of oneself through the worlds; in particular the underworld & otherworld of the spirits, dead, and fae folk; to engage in a state of ecstatic trance in which one loosens and releases the spirit from the corporal shell

The second arte is likely easier for many to understand as (compared to A’kah) Za’kah is relatively straightforward. Turning Za’kah involves the witch undergoing fetch flight by falling into / through oneself. Not all witches move into the Otherworld using this technique, so it should be noted that you might find that Za’kah may manifest differently when the current flows through you. When in doubt, consult your spirits & gods.

The Arte of Jez Ka'bar

The merging of one's spirit with the other, ranging from an intelligent entity to a primal force of the cosmos. At its fullest extreme: to merge / become possessed by the other and allow it to control ones physical form. To be as the Axis Mundi, a path open for all to flow over and through you (with consent, of course). To be that selfsame channel which focuses the outward manifestation of one's force towards a desired objective (which, naturally, can include sending energy directly to another entities as an offering, allowing for them to work towards a goal as emissary / partner).

The arte of Jez Ka’bar might be very familiar to some and entirely foreign to others. It is the ecstatic (often trance induced) act of becoming a conduit, channel, horse, etc. for the energies and / or entities of the Otherworld. The reasons for engaging in this arte are numerous: to grow closer to a specific spirit,to make offerings to a god, to willingly share partial control to engage in acts like automated writing or glossolalia, and much more. Always maintaining, of course, the ability to resume control over your body at any time.

The Arte A’kah, Za’kah! Jez Ka’bar!


The witch should begin by connecting back to energies of their declarative intention, but ensuring that they continue to allow them to propagate and manifest. For many, the energies of the declarative intention will still linger within close proximity - not yet having drifted forth out of the working space. For others, those energies will already be speeding through the Otherworld, being heard as whispers by spirits they hold dear.

A’kah, Za’kah!

Within the confines determined by A’kah, the selfsame boundary encircling both the declarative intention and the witch, ze turns the arte of Za’kah. By engaging in Fetch Flight the witch leaves zer body to plunge themselves in those energies.

Za’kah! Jez Ka’bar!

Lastly, while in a state of Za’kah, within the specific space as determined via A’kah, the witch engages in the Arte of Jez’ Ka’bar and intentionally merges with the energies occupying A’kah, while in a state of Za’kah.

Of course, as Jez Ka’bar is heavily fueled by gnosis, one should know that at this point in the working unpredictable things may occur. In general, if not otherwise guided to perform other actions, one should utilize this state to further merge with one’s declarative intention, lending even more energy to it before intentionally and forcefully casting it out into the cosmos.

Notable Modifications


Some might, when entering the Otherworld, encounter a spirit offering to aide the witch in zer working. This can shift the act of Jez Ka’bar considerably, potentially allowing the witch and spirit to merge temporarily in order to deepen the working. Be mindful to never trust a spirit you haven’t vetted with your gods & spirits.

Jez Ka’bar

A witch won’t always want (or be able) to merge with the declarative intention. At times a simple “taste” of the declarative intention, or a gentle boost, might be all that a witch can give - this commitment is always considered better than nothing.

A witch might also not wish to merge with the declarative intention for other reasons: if it was cast by a spirit or god, if it was malefic in nature, if the emotional baggage is too great, etc. In these instances, adding energies to bolster and enhance the working (without directly interfering with it) can be very useful.

A Tool of Self Evaluation

Utilizing the arte of A’kah, Za’kah! Jez Ka’bar! can also beneficial as a tool to examine the declarative intention that was made. Does it need a little push in a certain direction? How do its energies make you feel: sad, happy, afraid, excited? Do you morally or ethically oppose it? Does it make you feel happy and tingly all over?

In Simplier Terms

In this space, and among these energies (A’kah), I fly as my Fetch (Za’kah), and the energies and I become one (Jez Ka’bar).

Or, you can simply manifest it on a breath: on the inhale actualize A’kah, on the hold manifest Za’kah, and on the release (be it forceful or gentle) manifest Jez Ka’bar.

And remember that all three artes which make up A’kah, Za’kah! Jez Ka’bar! are build on the foundation of a witch’s gnosis. Allow them to shift and change as needed.

Image: Abracadabra by Gustave Deghilage (CC: BY, NC, ND)