Many witches understand and capitalize on the fine arte of magical items carried on their person, or placed within a location, to bring about change. Whether you call these items talismans, charms, amulets, fetishes, or something stranger, their overarching purpose is generally the same: to anchor a metaphysical vehicle for change (be it spirit, spell, or both) within a physical object.

Benefits & Hindrances

The creation of a physical reliquary for one’s magic should not be regarded lightly. The use of a semi-permanent / permanent material vessel grants the magic /spirit a home - a physical point in our space / time at which it can both receive, modify, and / or emanate its energy from.

Utilizing a physical vessel often facilitates in the empowerment / feeding of the magic / spirit; can improve the quality of communications / omens betwixt witch and magic / spirit; enhances works of banishment when the corresponding item is destroyed; and more.

However, for some, these physical items can become security blankets - trinkets we begin to hoard for the perceived added value they bring into our lives. While this can be true of any enchanted materia; those tokens carried on the person, or used to enchant a location, are notorious for accumulating over time. This problem is amplified when a witch is unsure when / if they should remove an item from their life. To some, regardless of the number of weeks / months / years which they have possessed an item, feel uncomfortable saying “adieu” to talismans of protections, amulets of love, or charms of stability.

When to Say Farewell

“When a thing has served its purpose, it will go away. If you try to hold on to something that has already fulfilled its purpose in your life, you are going to hurt yourself. If holding on is disturbing your peace of mind, it makes sense to let go. Surrender all attachments to people and things that you have been struggling to hold on to.”
— Iyanla Vanzant

First, know that no-one is telling you that you need to get rid of anything. Release any anxiety you might be feeling about this notion, take a deep breath, and relax.

Physical items designed to bring about change - be they carried regularly on a person, or placed in a location - will often cause a permanent shift in their subject over time. Eventually (often after months or more) the person / location can possess the magic of the token, regardless of whether the physical item is present.

Additionally, enchanted items appear to only hold focused energies for a limited period of time (unless regularly “fed” / reenergized). Eventually, if naught but for the slow erosion of time, an unfed enchanted item will come into balance with the space around it - no longer emanating its original energies, or housing the entities it once did.

Whether due to the energy within an item fading, the item’s presence no longer suiting us, or because the item brought about the “change” it intended, there are numerous reasons why we should consider letting items go. The discerning witch should regularly evaluate an item’s status and place in one’s life. Additionally, holding onto items for too long can manifest toxic energies in one’s life - so it’s wise to keep tabs on items that are past their “expiration date.”

Checking In Before Removing the Item

Items which contain entities, or are tied to them, should be given extra attention before the item’s removal / disposal. The witch should engage in spirit contact with the entity, informing them of zer intention to remove / destroy / change the physical item and (if relevant) request feedback from the entity regarding this decision. It is wise to discuss whether you want the energies / entities to remain sans-reliquary, or depart along with the item. Lastly, always perform divination to cross-check your spirit communication.

Releasing the Magic

In many situations, whether the item is still humming with energy or has reverted to its preensorceled  state, dispersing the energies tied to an item are apropos. This can be done in numerous ways as dictated by one’s gnosis, including (but not limited to): cremation, deconstruction, burial, gifting, disassembly, banishment, and more. Before beginning any acts of releasing, and upon their conclusion, it is recommended that a witch cleanse themselves of their personal ties to the energies (e.g.: utilizing the Arte of Prime, etc).

Absorbing the Magic

Occasionally, a witch might wish to absorb or transfer, rather than disperse, the energies present in an item. Gnosis can dictate any number of ways to accomplish this task, including inhaling the energies directly from the item, absorbing it via skin contact, drinking a beverage that the item was submerged in (ensure the item is non-reactive to the beverage), sleeping with the item under one’s pillow for an appropriate number of nights, and more.

Keeping a List

In order to best keep track of intentional items, as well as those magics that have taken root within one’s person / location, the astute witch is advised to keep a list. Beyond simply being a tool to aid one’s memory, regularly evaluating the energies within one’s own body / at a location can ensure that those energies are kept vivid amidst the erosion of time, and that any conflicting forces are resolved amicably.

Image: Pendant - stone by Michael Taggart Photography (CC: BY, NC)