As some are aware, the Stardust Compass is not currently focused on teaching foundational techniques to practitioners (including spirit evocation, invocation, and possession). Yet, as this is a path with a heavy reliance upon spirit gnosis, it is recommended that a practitioner be familiar with such practices before beginning this work.

If you find yourself occasionally-to-frequently subjected to spirits which are malevolent; are unable to keep entities at bay (including, but not limited to, ‘forced’ possessions); or find yourself frequently plagued by entities causing havoc in your life: you are advised to focus on eliminating these complications from your praxis before proceeding with Stardust Compass work. Walking into a compass with the expectation that one’s witchcraft related problems will simply dissolve is folly at best, and evoking obliteration at worse.

The gods and spirits of this path wish to keep all who practice it as safe, happy, and healthy as possible. However, they won’t bestow this benevolence to those who create or sustain their own problems (often due to willful ignorance, intentional lack of education & control, and / or poor life choices).

This is not to say that all hope is lost. Many very talented practitioners have experienced struggles with spirit contact in their magickal careers, only to embrace and overcome these challenges through diligence and perseverance. While the Stardust Compass is not currently in a position to teach this unto others, those interested in these practices are encouraged to seek out the plethora of wisdom regarding this topic which has been published by numerous houses over the years (and trusted mentors, if so desired).

Lastly, it would be remiss to avoid mentioning that often the best way to learn, grow, and evolve is often by doing - even with difficult life lessons or complicated magickal practices. Just as a child often learns lessons of safety after scraping their knees, sometimes the best learnings can be found by traversing the path of thorns.

If such a trial-by-fire is your preferred method of self-evolution: proceed at your own risk, act with intelligence, and accept responsibility for any and all choices you make. Know that frequently this method can inflame existing problems, or birth new ones - and therein is not recommended for everyone. The path fraught with thorns can often lead to the most beautiful horizons, but only you can determine which road you are capable of traversing. Getting lost amongst the poison-tipped brambles is a very real danger.

Image: “Sunset over the Sutro Bath ruins" by Justin Kern (CC: BY, NC, ND)