Practitioners within the Stardust Compass


The outward force or emanation; the blasting radius of a magickal act; the circle bounding the whole of the witch’s universe; the bloody acre; the sacred plot


The inward force of descent; the moving of oneself through the worlds; in particular the underworld & otherworld of the spirits, dead, and fae folk; to engage in a state of ecstatic trance in which one loosens and releases the spirit from the corporal shell

Jez Ka'bar

The merging of one's spirit with the other, ranging from an intelligent entity to a primal force of the cosmos. At its fullest extreme: to merge / become possessed by the other and allow it to control ones physical form. To be as the Axis Mundi, a path open for all to flow over and through you (with consent, of course). To be that selfsame channel which focuses the outward manifestation of one's force towards a desired objective (which, naturally, can include sending energy directly to another entities as an offering, allowing for them to work towards a goal as emissary / partner).

A’kah, Za’kah! Jez Ka'bar!

Often said as a declarative statement in Shen Tay'll in order to declare and / or imprint one's intention onto the cosmos and to those spirits present in the vicinity of the witch when spoken.

Az'ooul Ka'chem

  1. may the stardust in you be ever radiant
  2. may you awaken the Stardust within you

An encouragement to another practitioner to awaken, inflame, and vivify one's internal stardust. Can be used as a greeting or parting when speaking to another practitioner (especially one of the Wandering Coterie).


  1. point of becoming

The current place in your energetic body where you are most strongly experiencing and interfacing with the world around you.

Image: Raven Contemplating the Universe by Doug Brown (CC: BY, NC, SA)