What follows is a table of contents for the entirety of the Grimoire of the Stardust Compass, but present content and that currently forthcoming. Some content is presented in the form of articles, while others are very formulaic. Regardless of their style, however, any can change without warning. Therein, a skillful practitioner will make use of this site's blog in order to keep up with the various and sundry changes made to the content located herein.


  • Ka'herin Ta'al - Ze of the Crossroads' Key
  • Ka'anin Vaesh - Ze of the Verdant Wilds
  • Ka'braeh Zet - Ze of the Scarlet Beasts
  • Oudeira & Adraxen
  • The Fox
  • The Hare
  • The Toad
  • The Raven
  • The Spirits of the Gate




Image: Red Fox by Eric Bégin (CC: BY, NC, ND)