The intention of the entities that makeup the Stardust Compass:

To aid each member of the Wandering Coterie on their individual quest to evolve into a better human, both towards themselves and their universe, than their ancestors.



The Stardust Compass is licensed under Creative Commons [BY-NC-SA], allowing for it to be freely shared and adapted by anyone (even you!), in any way, so long as you share it with the same license, and only use it for non-commercial purposes (read the license in detail, here). 


The choices of every practitioner shall always be under their sole discretion.


Any law which does not serve the practitioner, excluding this and the former laws, may be discarded.


If you allow the Stardust Compass to germinate within you (as is it's way), know that it's blossoms will be a unique manifestation of your combined essence, be it via the Coterie Rarified or Reified.

Note: Each witch’s expression of the Stardust Compass is a unique manifestation birthed from the combined essence of the path zerself and the witch's own blood. Each unique manifestation exists as a symbiotic relationship to both be celebrated and cared for by the witch (e.g.: treated well and it's spirits given regular, simple offerings).

Lack of care, coupled with continued (or increased) expectations of manifestation, will often result in either the path manifesting toxic results (as a way to give diagnostic data to the witch in an effort to suggest they should fix the problem), or completely cease to manifest any / all objectives. Toxic results is, of course, often a late-game gesture provoked by a lack of response to other feedback which it attempted to communicate to the witch but was not properly received.


Anyone who declares they are a member of the Wandering Coterie, is. There are no requirements for admission, nor tests to authenticate one's membership. None shall ever be devised.


Magic and rites are intended to properly identify timelines which will serve the practitioner, and to enhance one's navigation of them.

E.g.: using divination to read one's fate, and then perform rituals to either avoid foreseen malady or ensure oncoming prosperity.


Incorporeal entities do not exist within the human gender spectrum unless they choose to present themselves as such to an individual practitioner. Therefor, unless an entity requests otherwise, they should be treated as gender neutral at all times.


The witch shall create and maintain a system for the acquisition of feedback (to be utilized at zer discretion) from appropriate sources, be they spirits or (ideally) fellow witches. Feedback should be harvested with a focus towards encouraging the growth & evolution of each witch’s individual path.

"Appropriate" represents the nigh innumerable variables, from core values to slight nuances, which one seeks in a companion for one's work. Only you know what you need.


Build trust with entities over time.


Entities you have built a relationship with, and whom perform magic upon your behalf, should (ideally) share your moral and ethical codes. Partnering with rogue vigilantees is not advised.

Image: Sunset Aurora by Moyan Brenn (CC: BY)