Q: What is the Stardust Compass?
A: The Stardust Compass is a witchcraft path both heavily rooted in a foundation of Traditional European Witchcraft as well as the astrological magic found within the western grimoires of old, while simultaneously diverting into new avenues of exploration both in theory and practice.

Q: Why create a name and website for your personal praxis?
A: Every part of the Stardust Compass has been created under the benevolent guidance and glorious auspices of the deathless ones which both guard and guide the path. Upon my first footfall on it’s crooked road, I knew that I was to become a vessel to aide its manifestation into the world. How and when that would happen, I did not know. Over time, a plan began to reveal itself unto me. What follows was oracle as dictated from the Current, regarding it’s outward manifestation into the wider cosmos:

"There are others like you out there. Alone and afraid. Many may not find this text, but some will. For those, they will be grateful. The magick will fit for them like a glove and they will expound upon the path a thousand fold. For others, the work will be less so. The spirits shall not all respond in kind, and the gods won’t all open their house to the witch. For these people, they can choose to use the path as is, or find another. Finally, there will be those who find the path beautiful, but not for them. However, they will use the inspiration and courage you shared to forge their own path and become strong in their own way. For all these reasons, and many more yet unveiled, your path… our path… is to become public in due time."

Q: Does this have anything to do with the Neil Gaiman book or the movie?
A: No, it has nothing to do with his fictional story which was entitled Stardust by Neil Gaiman. The Stardust Compass is spiritual path of ecstatic magick for working with elder deathless gods, spirits of a specific form and function, and a manifold acre of forces; all spoken forth and shared with the path’s first Witch via spirit tongue and midnight visions.

Q: What plans are there for the further manifestations of the Stardust Compass?
A: The current plan is that the Stardust Compass shall manifest in the following ways:

  • Blog / Social Networks: to communicate outward to those who are interested in the path, both those interested in it as a curiosity, as well as fellow awakening members of the Wandering Coterie. To additionally function as a conduit upon which to publish exclusive materia that will later be available in the full text.
  • Grimoire: a robust, published edition of the entirety of the Stardust Compass, to be made available both hardcover and eBook editions.
  • Workshops [Tentative]: to teach the path to others (potentially utilizing online tools, with payment being made through donations to charities).
  • Rituals [Tentative]: to hold workings at events or conferences, potentially while also holding the aforementioned workshops prior to the working.

Q: Can I use the material from the Stardust Compass in my own works / rituals / events?
A: As long as you aren’t using it for commercial purposes, more than likely you can. Please check the Stardust Compass’s full creative commons license for additional details. As the spirits decreed:

"None own us. None shall profit in their attempts to cage and sell us. Those who try will only find misery, despair, ruin. Their eyes will fill with maggots, their flesh will cover in boils, and their heart will fill with bile. But to those who share us freely we shall bestow our benevolence, if they are deserving of such riches."

Image: Raven by John Morgan (CC: BY)