To access the current of the Stardust Compass requires a key as unique as the witch who wields it. Such a key is unable to be gifted, taken, or crafted by the hand of another. Instead, each rises forth from the current itself, forged in the whispered depths by the path’s tutelary entities and washed in the blood of the witch zerself. Manifesting upon the Crossroads altar of Ka’herin Ta’al, the key waits to be claimed by the witch who would approach zer with love.

Be wary of illusions, self-deception, and false promises. Not all who seek their key will come to hold it, and only the witch zerself will truly know when ze finally possesses it. None can ever declare otherwise.

Remember too, that all resulting outward manifestations are birthed from the combined essence of the witch and zer path. For while each key unlocks the same current, the germination of that path within every witch will always be unique. Manifold exhibitions vivifying and enriching the current, each in a more glorious splendor than the last.

A’kah, Za’kah! Jez Ka'bar!

Image: "Skeleton Tasten" by Darcie Tanner (CC: BY, NC, ND)