The Shen Tay'll Codex

Sigilum for the Stardust Compass has been slowly cataloged as received from over a decade of praxis. The entire collection is now being digitized as part of the ongoing effort to share the current with members of the Wandering Coterie. Over 360 sigilum have been received to date, with more likely to come in the future. While the entire Shen Tay'll Codex will be revealed in time, it felt pertinent to share out the sigilum for key entities with the current sooner - allowing fellow practitioners immediate access to this important iconography for use in their praxis.

Note: the number in the lower right of each image represents the catalog number for the sigilum.

Ka'herin Ta'al


Ka'anin Vaesh


Ka'braeh Zet



Image: Messy is the new black by George Chelebiev (CC: BY, NC, ND)