Description Change

Formally the Stardust Compass self-identified as a path of Traditional Witchcraft. While no comments were ever received regarding the use of this descriptor, it was recently changed to spare members of the Wandering Coterie of the useless frustration that is defending the validity of the path.

It is, therefor, left to the reader to determine whether they feel this path is one of Traditional Witchcraft or not. As such, the description now reads as follows:

The Stardust Compass: a Crooked Path of Witching Gnosis

Inspired by Traditional Witchcraft

The Stardust Compass is an ecstatic, witching mystery wherein members of it’s Wandering Coterie practice the whispered arte of it’s crooked, enshrouded path. While the Compass was birthed among the roots of traditional european cunning, it's uniqueness manifests forth via holy gnosis erupting from the vivified voice of the current.