Evocation Lessons

The spirits are presently in the process of teaching me about how a specific form of spellcraft works and is designed utilizing three traditional witchcraft tools: a talisman, a candle, and a shewstone. They not only explaining the basic steps, but they are also revealing deeper mysteries regarding its design that I'm excited to share as well. As said in entries past, the spirits of the Stardust Compass have explicitly stated that there are to be no secrets. All will be shared.

As part of the learning's regarding the arte, they have taught me how the diagram commonly referred to as the Metatron's Cube is useful to meditate on, the concept of the Hypercube as a basic way to depict the idea of an object moving through four dimensions, the Cuboctahedron, how one shape can echo another on neighboring dimensions, and much more. They're also explaining how this magic becomes manifest via an energetic projected Star Tetrahedron by the witch, using the wand. All, of course, fueled by an ecstatic state the witch brings upon zerself in whatever way ze sees fit.

Totally geeking out here, believe me!

However, I don't believe they have finished teaching me everything about this spellcraft formula in particular (though they've encouraged me to make this post), and what documentation I've written so far is so far is scattered over many weeks of notes, journal entries, and drawings. I need to condense them all down, rewrite them, create diagrams to help on explaining them, learn 3D modeling, and finally post it all here. Wowza! Believe me, its coming, it just won't be tomorrow.

In the end, though, I am very excited to post what I'm learning & utilizing, in hopes others might find it valuable in any way (even if simply to witness another's passion for their arte).