Anonymous asked:

I've just stumbled across your blog, and was greatly enthralled by the post on the stang, and tellurian serpent/draconic force. I'm interested to know the origin of the names Oudeira(sp?) and Adraxen.. They are very poetic, and at least to me seem like a visceral description as opposed to an actual name, in the same way some gibberish sound may better describe a feeling or impulse than any known and defined word.

Thank you for your message, anon! I am glad you were enthralled by the post.

Oudeira and Adraxen’s names are part of the esoteric tongue known to me as Shen Tay’ll, something I began speaking years ago. So, in short, the names used are what the entities themselves wished to be referred to with.

I have actually been working on a post regarding the use of esoteric tongues, and hope to have it finalized for publication in the very near future.