An Encouragement for Action (Ferguson, MO)

In this trying time, self-proclaimed members of the Wandering Coterie are encouraged to take action in regards to the recent events occurring in (and as a result of) Ferguson, MO. Specifically, witches are encouraged to act with the intentions to heal all those involved physically, emotionally, mentally, and physically (this includes but is not limited to: protesters, bystanders, media, and police terrorists alike) for all have proven to be (or been made to be) unwell due to the recent events; reveal the truth unto the world so that humanity can gain wisdom and take action accordingly from these recent, trying times; and to cease the violence brought about at the hands of police terrorists, therein bringing much-needed civilian peace to the region.

Cunning witches are encouraged to summon forth the winds to clear out that which is clouding the eyes, lungs, and minds of not only it’s civilians but also the police terrorists and their supporters; roll back the politically established blanket of clouds which is keeping the starlight & truth from moving freely through the region, nation, and world; and mend the rend flesh, hearts, and souls of those harmed from this unprovoked conflict amid peaceful gatherings of demonstrators.

The Wise shall seek counsel at the Throne of Braeh Azara (the Scarlet King as Lord of Stars) for his wisdom and might as he reigns high above during this time of the cycle; and from the Dame of the Path herself, Hekate, in her wisdom as Keeper of Keys, Mistress of the Wandering Dead, and Queen of Witches.

May we all find healing,
May we all find strength,
And may we all evolve.

Image: Zurich, 2010 by Paul Stocker