The Shen Tay'll Codex

Sigilum for the Stardust Compass has been slowly cataloged as received from over a decade of praxis. The entire collection is now being digitized as part of the ongoing effort to share the current with members of the Wandering Coterie. Over 360 sigilum have been received to date, with more likely to come in the future. While the entire Shen Tay'll Codex will be revealed in time, it felt pertinent to share out the sigilum for key entities with the current sooner - allowing fellow practitioners immediate access to this important iconography for use in their praxis.

Note: the number in the lower right of each image represents the catalog number for the sigilum.

Ka'herin Ta'al


Ka'anin Vaesh


Ka'braeh Zet



Image: Messy is the new black by George Chelebiev (CC: BY, NC, ND)


First, I wish to open with a heartfelt apology for my silence, specifically to the 49 beautiful people who were taken from the world during the massacre in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL. Further, I wish for nothing less than a speedy & healthy recovery to the additional 53 who were injured in this unconscionable attack on the LGBT community.

May the gods and spirits bring healing to those who need it, guide the souls of those taken from us to the peaceful lands of Anin Pextera, reveal the truth of the incident to all, and hold accountable those with blood on their hands.

Orlando’s LGBT massacre at the Pulse nightclub hit me, your author, hard.

In previous times of injustice I have encouraged magics of change and healing from witches of the Wandering Coterie (e.g.: the Ferguson, MO). Immediately following the Pulse massacre I became inflamed with fiery justice, engaging in multiple levels of activism locally & digitally. However, I chose to have the Stardust Compass itself remain silent.

Recently I have also been denouncing “silent allies” - individuals and organizations who profess support of the LGBT community, yet have remained silent on all issues relating to, and including, the massacre. Yet to denounce them while the Stardust Compass remained mute feels hypocritical.

So, why did I choose to let the official site remain silent? And perhaps more importantly: what should the Stardust Compass say? 

I can point to deep wounds, shock, or mourning as the root causes for the silence - but I am not sure if any of these excuses are valid. I have also asked myself, “if I am speaking up about Pulse, why not Oaxaca, or Paris, or other tragedies happening around the world?” A question to which I also have no good answer. “This planet has many ills,” I remind myself, “why stir the witches to action on one, but not another?”

However, after some careful consideration on the issue, and consultation with the spirits & gods of the path, I have come to the opinion that any human (myself included) influencing the Wandering Coterie towards a specific agenda is unhealthy - both for the practitioners and the path. The intention of the Stardust Compass is to empower each witch to move forward with their own goals and intentions - not to be influenced by any singular individual. Further, to post about one incident while remaining mute regarding others is both selfish and discriminatory.

But... the Stardust Compass staying silent during a tragedy sucks. It really sucks. It means that when Pulse, Oaxaca, Paris, or other such incidents occur there will be no official response. While individual members of Wandering Coterie may choose to act (something I always encourage!) there will only be silence from the official site. In an era where everyone posts about large scale global tragedies, groups which remain silent are noticed. Such silence can not only impact the affiliated members internally, but can also make the group (and / or it’s members) appear heartless, cold, or indifferent to a global tragedy.

Sadly, such a negative public opinion may become an unintended consequence of the Stardust Compass remaining silent. However, I feel that this is the healthiest and safest way to ensure that the Wandering Coterie is free to follow their heart, and to obliterate the seeds of favoritism / discrimination before they take root.

To those reading this, know that the Wandering Coterie of the Stardust Compass is made up of witches just like you from around the world. We all have hopes and dreams, doubts and fears, goals and desires. We all have our own own trials to overcome, bliss to discover, and injustices to defeat.

We stand together in our individuality, united in solidarity within the Wandering Coterie to make ourselves, and the world, a better place. We respect that each witch’s path is unique, and we support each other on our individual yet collective journeys. We might perform a personal working upon a secluded rural crossroads, or a group ritual on the steps of the Capitol Building - but we don’t sit idle. We will always act, each in our own way, to manifest positive change for humanity.

While the Stardust Compass may be silent, the Wandering Coterie eternally sings.

So if you feel called to sing, sing.
If you feel called to dance, dance.
If you feel called to act, act.

Use your head, and follow your heart.

A’kah, Za’kah! Jez Ka'bar!

Description Change

Formally the Stardust Compass self-identified as a path of Traditional Witchcraft. While no comments were ever received regarding the use of this descriptor, it was recently changed to spare members of the Wandering Coterie of the useless frustration that is defending the validity of the path.

It is, therefor, left to the reader to determine whether they feel this path is one of Traditional Witchcraft or not. As such, the description now reads as follows:

The Stardust Compass: a Crooked Path of Witching Gnosis

Inspired by Traditional Witchcraft

The Stardust Compass is an ecstatic, witching mystery wherein members of it’s Wandering Coterie practice the whispered arte of it’s crooked, enshrouded path. While the Compass was birthed among the roots of traditional european cunning, it's uniqueness manifests forth via holy gnosis erupting from the vivified voice of the current.

The Arte of Prime: to Purge, Ward, and Vivify the Witch

"Focus on the energies within you that you wish to keep within. See them distinct from the other energies within you (be they good or bad). While focusing on the energies within you that you wish to keep, inhale sharply and inflame them. Hold that breath for a moment, feeling those energies glowing bright and..."

Full Article:

Evocation Lessons

The spirits are presently in the process of teaching me about how a specific form of spellcraft works and is designed utilizing three traditional witchcraft tools: a talisman, a candle, and a shewstone. They not only explaining the basic steps, but they are also revealing deeper mysteries regarding its design that I'm excited to share as well. As said in entries past, the spirits of the Stardust Compass have explicitly stated that there are to be no secrets. All will be shared.

As part of the learning's regarding the arte, they have taught me how the diagram commonly referred to as the Metatron's Cube is useful to meditate on, the concept of the Hypercube as a basic way to depict the idea of an object moving through four dimensions, the Cuboctahedron, how one shape can echo another on neighboring dimensions, and much more. They're also explaining how this magic becomes manifest via an energetic projected Star Tetrahedron by the witch, using the wand. All, of course, fueled by an ecstatic state the witch brings upon zerself in whatever way ze sees fit.

Totally geeking out here, believe me!

However, I don't believe they have finished teaching me everything about this spellcraft formula in particular (though they've encouraged me to make this post), and what documentation I've written so far is so far is scattered over many weeks of notes, journal entries, and drawings. I need to condense them all down, rewrite them, create diagrams to help on explaining them, learn 3D modeling, and finally post it all here. Wowza! Believe me, its coming, it just won't be tomorrow.

In the end, though, I am very excited to post what I'm learning & utilizing, in hopes others might find it valuable in any way (even if simply to witness another's passion for their arte).


I've just stumbled across your blog, and was greatly enthralled by the post on the stang, and tellurian serpent/draconic force. I'm interested to know the origin of the names Oudeira(sp?) and Adraxen.. They are very poetic, and at least to me seem like a visceral description as opposed to an actual name, in the same way some gibberish sound may better describe a feeling or impulse than any known and defined word.

An Encouragement for Action (Ferguson, MO)

An Encouragement for Action (Ferguson, MO)

In this trying time, self-proclaimed members of the Wandering Coterie are encouraged to take action in regards to the recent events occurring in (and as a result of) Ferguson, MO. Specifically, witches are encouraged to act with the intentions to heal all those involved physically, emotionally, mentally, and physically (this includes but is not limited to: protesters, bystanders, media, and police terrorists alike)

The First Decree

What follows is a spirit communication from only a little over a month ago. At the time I simply documented it (like I do with many spirit communications I receive, either directly or as notes), and didn’t think too much of it. When I read it now, it gives me shivers (in a good way). I’ve spent my entire witching life listening to, and trusting, those spirits

Seminal Manifestations

Some of the most beloved and seminal texts regarding witchcraft were manifested simply because a witch found the courage to turn their backs to the major presses, strike out on their own with a unique vision, and strive to publish something that was inspired by the direct whispers of their spirits & gods.

I do my best to remember this every time I am up at 4am madly taking down notes, hear spirit gnosis on a bus while I am making my way into the office, or have fleeting dreams of stangs and starlight while napping.

In all honesty, though, I is not my intentionto make the Stardust Compass ”popular” in the traditional sense. Ultimately I simply want my work to find others who could be helped by this path either fully (by walking it directly) or partially (via spirit gnosis, inspiration, or more).