Via the Common Tongue

The Stardust Compass is a witchcraft practice with a foundation influenced by numerous paths, most notably Traditional European Witchcraft, the magic found within the western grimoires of old, and ecstatic European practices. It simultaneously explores new avenues of theory and practice via unexpected worldviews and encouraged personal gnosis.

Via Poesis

The Stardust Compass is an ecstatic, witching mystery wherein members of it’s Wandering Coterie practice the whispered arte of it’s crooked, enshrouded path. The Compass’s uniqueness blooms forth via holy gnosis erupting from each Wanderer; their vivified voice erupting truth from their manifestation of the current.

We are, at our heart, the witches of the Eternal Serpent & the Great Tree, each illuminated yet enshadowed.

We dance with Ka’herin Ta’al, Ze of the Crossroad’s Key. Ze of torches, blade, and threshold who is called to for illuminated guidance, watchful protection, and passage betwixt the worlds.

We dance with Ka’braeh Zet, Ze of the Scarlet Beast who dreams of Stars. Ze of bliss, blood, and potentia who is called to during passionate lust, ardent bloodletting, and oracular seethes.

We dance with Ka’anin Vaesh, Ze of the Verdant Wilds who dreams of Skulls. Ze of the seed, harvest, and corpse who is called to during inspirational germinations, bountiful harvests, and ancestral communions.

We cast forth the Circle of Arte with Flame, Stang, and Star betwixt lands foul & fair, manifesting rites inspired by gnosis and truth. We restore the body, focus the spirit, reignite the flame, honor the land, open the way, wake the dragon, tap the skull, inflame the tree, breathe the stars, dance with all, and manifest destiny; all with ensorceled tongues, heretical congress, and eternal love.

We respect that nothing is true, seek the mysteries within, and vivify our own holy current; all so that we may bequeath our gifts upon those with whom we love.

Image: Untitled by Author (CC: BY, NC, SA)