Via the Common Tongue

The Stardust Compass is a witchcraft path which was born within a foundation of Traditional European Witchcraft as well as the astrological magic found within the western grimoires of old, while simultaneously diverting into new avenues of exploration both in theory and practice.

Via Poesis

The Stardust Compass is an ecstatic, witching mystery wherein members of it’s Wandering Coterie practice the whispered arte of it’s crooked, enshrouded path. While the Compass was birthed among the roots of traditional european cunning, it's uniqueness manifests forth via holy gnosis erupting from the vivified voice of the current.

We are, at our heart, the witches of the Eternal Serpent & the Great Tree, each illuminated yet enshadowed.

We honor the Night Wandering Trimorphis Maiden; She who is the Terrible Witch Queen, the Light Bringing Guide, and the Keyholding Mistress; accompanied by Hound, Serpent and Wraith, leading with twin Torches ever toward the bloody acre of the sabbat.

We honor the Scarlet King of Beasts and War, who dreams of Stars; Master of the Horn, Spear, and Horse; called to in passionate lust, ardent bloodletting, and oracular seethes.

We honor the Verdant Queen of Sickle, Seed, who dreams of Skulls; Mistress of the Harvest, Greenwood, and Corpse; called to in the hidden copse, verdant fields, and decaying tomb.

We cast forth the Circle of Arte with Skull, Stang, and Star betwixt lands fair & foul, manifesting both blessing and bane with hooded rites of dust & drop, candle & cord, blood & bone. We cross the stile, quarter the winds, wake the dragon, tap the skull, and mask sacral beasts; all with noble mysteriums, ensorceled tongues, and heretical congress.

We seek the dark mysteries, respect that nothing is true, and work to vivify the holy current; all so that we may bequeath our gifts upon those with whom we share trust, honor, and respect.

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